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Wallflower tiles

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Can disposable be sustainable? In a world where disposability typically means non-biodegradable materials sealed up for eternity in landfills, the answer is no. But this product presents a different model, one where objects can come into and out of our lives with minimal impact, or perhaps even a positive one.

Wallflower tiles are die-cut paper modules that can be used as decoration or as a bulletin board. The tiles ship flat in standard letter-sized mailer, and mount to the wall with removable adhesive, where they can be customized by opening and bending their pre-cut petals. Made of seed-impregnated paper, they can be safely disposed in the ground, where they will sprout an array of wildflowers. In effect, Wallflower tiles have two lives, one in the home and one in the garden. Like the flowers they eventually become, the tiles are designed to be fleeting; because they are completely disposable, the user is free to change or refresh her decor without being wasteful.

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