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O157:H7 glasses

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O157:H7 is the technical name for the most widespread and troublesome strain of E. coli bacteria, a frequent indicator of water contamination and the basis for the pattern sandblasted on this series of water glasses. Inspired by the fact that nearly one-sixth of the world's population lives without clean drinking water, these glasses are designed to raise awareness of the problem of water poverty and incite more thoughtful consumption of water here in the developed world.

The design aims to entice, and then disgust, through the abstraction of the pattern. Though from a distance the surface appears to be randomly treated, up close it's clear that the pattern is based on a micrograph of a bacterial colony. Ideally, this process of unpleasant discovery will create a connection for the user between the act of drinking clean water from a "tainted" cup, and the frightening situation of many in the developing world who do not know whether the water they are drinking will be safe, or will make them and their children fatally ill.

In the interest of conserving material, the glasses are made from wine bottles.

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