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Ooi cups

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Ooi cups are small, round-bottomed teacups that wobble on flat surfaces but right themselves easily. The design is meant as a playful challenge to the assumed relationships between objects. Why are cups primarily designed in relation to the table? Why aren’t they designed to fit our hands? By designing a cup that looks unsteady on the table but feels good in the hand, my goal is to enhance the comforting experience of drinking a warm beverage and provoke thought about the ways we engage with everyday objects.

The cups are slipcast and glazed by hand in my studio. You can see the process of building the mold and casting here. The lower third of each cup is left unglazed to enhance the textural qualities of the design. Each cup has a navel, a small indent on the bottom, that serves as a reminder of the way it was made. The mark represents the place where the original positive form connected with the lathe, and links each molded piece to the original handcrafted form.

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