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Animo kid's chair

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The Animo chair was inspired by watching the way kids move. Kids move constantly: joyfully, experimentally, and totally unselfconsciously. Intended for experimental learning environments such as museums, the Animo kids' chair supports these healthy movements through a unique system of energy absorption. Based on the tensile balance of a highly elastic material (bungee cords) and an inelastic one (nylon panels), the chair dissipates excess energy, translating it into a dynamic visual display. In this way, the chair becomes both a foundation for learning and a lesson itself.

Research for the chair was conducted in two New York City schools, Girls Prep on the Lower East Side, and The School run by Columbia University, who graciously opened their doors to me and allowed me to watch their students in action. I'm currently developing an evolution of the Animo design at adult-size, due to be completed in May.

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