Mongolian feltmaking

20 January 2009

I’m starting some experiments into making my own felt this week and I came across this really interesting video on Mongolian feltmaking. As shown in the video, the nomads in the Mongolian/Kyrgyz/Kazakh area use felt for their traditional houses, called gers or yurts. Having spent some time in one (in Kyrgyzstan, not Mongolia) on a very cold day, I can tell you their felt is amazingly insulating.

My felt will be for an entirely different purpose, to be seen in the coming weeks if I can get it to work.

Emily Barletta

19 January 2009

I love these sculptures by Emily Barletta, a Brooklyn-based fiber artist. Thank you designboom for calling attention to this beautiful work. I’m always interested in artists and designers who are playing with the contrasts between hard and soft, and exploring the possibilities of different textures. But beyond the intellectualizing, these just speak to me.

Two Amend-related news items

15 October 2008

Two news items, not current but both relevant to the Amend project.

This great item from the BBC talks about reflective bags used to protect elderly pedestrians in the UK. We’ll use this in the concepts presentation. (Thanks, Vanessa!)

And this one, also from the BBC, explains the trouble facing the Ghanaian textiles market, which has fallen prey to Chinese counterfeiting. Just like designers of products in the US or Europe, designers there feel pressure to stay ahead of the curve and keep creating new designs that will stand out above the deluge of copies. We hope with our project to be able to manufacture in whole or at least in part in Ghana. We also have some ideas for integrating our project with the local textiles industry to create benefits both in safety, but also economically.

Eye candy: African textiles

11 October 2008

Looking for African textiles for the Amend presentation (a project I’m working on that I will write about shortly) and I found this striking quilt. Love.

Image credit: gooma8x on Flickr

Ingrid print

3 October 2008

From Diana, another designer in my program:

“Check out this print. It is reminiscent of you.”

Funny! I kind of agree.

I was not familiar with the artist, London-based Swedish illustrator and designer Petra Borner, but I really enjoy her work, especially the beautiful book jackets on the site. Just the right balance of rough and polished. Beautiful.