Moving furniture inspirations

11 October 2008

Thank you to Matt for the link to this stool, the Sway stool available at Branch home. The stool promotes active sitting by flexing gently with the body. Interesting mechanism.

And thank you to Vanessa Marie for the link to this stool. I can’t read the page (I hate to say I’m not even sure what language this is) but I did catch the words “active zit” so I can guess it also is promoting the idea of motion in furniture.

Lily pads as metaphor for movement

4 October 2008
One of the metaphors I’ve been thinking about for the kids-furniture-movement project is the lily pad. There’s something incredibly serene about lily pads, especially the way they rise and fall ever so gently with the water level. I imagine a classroom scene of kids all floating on lily pads that absorb all their fidgeting and excess energy and keep everyone on a placid, even keel. Imagine the energy flows of the class like ripples or tides, rising during discussions as kids shout out the answers and ebbing as they focus down on a particular task. The energy absorption of the lily pad and the water evens out the peaks and valleys, minimizes visual and audio distraction, and makes the class a much easier place to learn and concentrate.

Whether the metaphor will hold for the aesthetic or mechanical concept for the seat, the idea of energy absorption will carry through as the defining principle of the design.

Lily Pads, Fish, originally uploaded by andertho, via Flickr.

Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculptures

30 September 2008

My kids-and-movement furniture project has me fascinated by movement mechanisms right now. I still don’t quite understand how Theo Jansen’s creatures work, but they’re amazing.