Laura Laine’s fashion illustrations

2 March 2009

Today I’m loving these dark, weird little fashion illustrations by Laura Laine.

Hidden color

1 March 2009

There’s something about a peek of hidden color that is so joyful. It seems just right for the gloomy landscape in which we find ourselves right now. Colored linings and interiors signify a secret pleasure, directed inwards at the user rather than outwards at the viewer.

This coat is from Raf Simons fall collection for Jil Sander, inspired by the ceramics of Pol Chambost, a French artist (a resemblance that is clear from side-by-side comparisons). Interesting, because product designers are often inspired by fashion but you don’t often see fashion inspired by tableware.

Barbie world

29 December 2008

I learned a ton about Barbie while I was researching a presentation on Mattel a couple months back. For example, did you know that since 1959, Mattel has produced nearly one billion tiny outfits for Barbie? Barbie fashion is especially interesting, because it drives the very shrewd Barbie business model, which creates a nearly endless stream of revenue for Mattel. You may only buy one Barbie your whole life, but the tiny incremental expenses of the many situational accessories will outstrip the doll’s cost several times over.

This is my favorite image of the founders of Mattel, Ruth and Elliot Handler, with their creation.