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Barbie world

29 December 2008

I learned a ton about Barbie while I was researching a presentation on Mattel a couple months back. For example, did you know that since 1959, Mattel has produced nearly one billion tiny outfits for Barbie? Barbie fashion is especially interesting, because it drives the very shrewd Barbie business model, which creates a nearly endless stream of revenue for Mattel. You may only buy one Barbie your whole life, but the tiny incremental expenses of the many situational accessories will outstrip the doll’s cost several times over.

This is my favorite image of the founders of Mattel, Ruth and Elliot Handler, with their creation.

Digging out

29 December 2008

The end of the semester ran away from me, and I can’t believe the most current snippets on here are from October. I guess that’s what happens in design. You get inspired for months at a time, you ideate, you sketch and model and work out details. But then a moment comes when you finally have to execute, and in that span of weeks there’s room for nothing else: not sleep, not food, not friends, not exercise. Just making.

I’m off for the next three weeks, so there’s plenty of time for me to catch up. There’s a folder on my desktop with 50 or so links or images I wanted to write about, plus a few new projects and some evolution to do on the old ones. So, more to come as the new year gets going…