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I love… Jim Denevan’s land art

14 May 2009

Not joyful, exactly, but wonderful! I especially love Denevan’s process shots. There’s something so charming about art made simply, just a man and a stick, and the results are unexpectedly clean and graphic.

Laconic beauty

13 May 2009

I’m back! And I have lots of thoughts on joy to post over the coming days. But right now I just want to share the beauty of this wonderful, simple site. It makes me smile every time I type the name into the firefox window:


4 February 2009

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much i love this city. So of course I loved Christoph Niemann’s LEGO homage to the big apple.

I love this Orange ad

10 January 2009

This ad was directed by RGB6, which is profiled in the latest issue of ID magazine. There’s something really joyful about the box of tape coming alive, and so whimsical about the way the ad is constructed, from a series of stills. I’m reminded a bit of the extraordinary animations done by South African artist William Kentridge.

You can watch the ad here. A Kentridge film is below.

Surface collages

8 January 2009

Last month’s issue of Surface magazine (the Avant Guardian issue) had so many visually interesting spreads it made me into a subscriber. I loved this set of weird collages. Not all are totally successful, but they’re interesting to look at and they’re very unusual for a glossy magazine in that they don’t seem to be selling anything.

I love… the Domino October issue

11 October 2008

This month’s Domino really had my number. Page after page I found things I love. Like this uber-pink and brass scene from Kelly Wearstler’s guest house (above). Wonderful mix of textures.

Anya Hindmarch’s living room is elegant but still looks like people live there. (Which I guess it would, being she has five kids!)

This is a little Hamptons-y for me but that glass-and-string thing in the middle of the table is so amazing.

I love this page so much I want to eat it! That purple is the perfect anti-purple to all the bleak ones in the store windows these days, and the prints just make me so happy.