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Greenmarket peeler salesman passes away

3 February 2009

Anyone who’s ever seen this guy will never forget him, or his mesmerizing demos of how to make the most perfect carrot slivers with a $5 peeler. My favorite line of his shtick was always, “One for $5, 5 for $20. I know you don’t need 5 peelers but they make great gifts!”

I myself have bought two of them, though one is still unopened in case the first one ever breaks or goes dull. (Or perhaps one day as a gift for a very deserving foodie.) As Mr. Ades promised, it is the best peeler I’ve ever owned and one of my favorite things in my kitchen. I love the simplicity of it, the spare nature of the design. No ostentatious elastomeric grips or stylized arcs. Just a straightforward ribbon of steel, indented where the fingers go, beautiful in its utility.