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Mining old photography favorites

18 May 2009

I saw the wonderful Walker Evans postcard exhibit at the Met last week and it got me in the mood for midcentury American photography. The image above is Robert Frank, and wonderfully contrast-y and dynamic.

Laura Laine’s fashion illustrations

2 March 2009

Today I’m loving these dark, weird little fashion illustrations by Laura Laine.

Hidden color

1 March 2009

There’s something about a peek of hidden color that is so joyful. It seems just right for the gloomy landscape in which we find ourselves right now. Colored linings and interiors signify a secret pleasure, directed inwards at the user rather than outwards at the viewer.

This coat is from Raf Simons fall collection for Jil Sander, inspired by the ceramics of Pol Chambost, a French artist (a resemblance that is clear from side-by-side comparisons). Interesting, because product designers are often inspired by fashion but you don’t often see fashion inspired by tableware.

Library of Dust

9 February 2009

This extraordinary image is from photographer David Maisel’s latest project, Library of Dust, in which he photographed canisters containing the unclaimed ashes of patients who died at an Oregon mental institution over the course of nearly a century. This project is interesting to me in the way that the photos abstract the subject matter away from death and the accompanying emotions. On first look, the corrosion of the canisters is simply beautiful, and could be anything from a coral formation to a mineral deposit. Then the revelation of what they represent transforms the viewer’s experience of them into a deeply emotional one that is by turns empathic but also horrifying.

While with my thesis project, Aesthetics of Joy, I am looking at aesthetics as a support for the emotional experience, here the emotional experience is belied by the visceral one.

Annabelle Verhoye

20 January 2009

I’ve been a fan of Annabelle Verhoye‘s work ever since I read a profile on her in an Australian magazine a few years ago. But on these snowy winter days I’m really feeling her gorgeous, saturated color palette.

Emily Barletta

19 January 2009

I love these sculptures by Emily Barletta, a Brooklyn-based fiber artist. Thank you designboom for calling attention to this beautiful work. I’m always interested in artists and designers who are playing with the contrasts between hard and soft, and exploring the possibilities of different textures. But beyond the intellectualizing, these just speak to me.

Eye candy: Alberto Seveso’s illustrations

10 January 2009

Can’t remember where I found this but this series of illustrations is really beautiful. Kind of reminds me of the Julius Bissier works I posted a couple of months ago.

Eye candy: LED lollipops

8 January 2009

Look at this! If this isn’t joy, I don’t know what is. From the NYT, this is the full story.

Eye candy: what is this?

24 October 2008

What is this? I don’t know, but I like it. Here is where it lives…

Found color: J Crew online lookbook

20 October 2008

J Crew’s online lookbook has me oohing and aahing today over the arresting color palettes in the layouts.

Eye candy: African textiles

11 October 2008

Looking for African textiles for the Amend presentation (a project I’m working on that I will write about shortly) and I found this striking quilt. Love.

Image credit: gooma8x on Flickr

Ingrid print

3 October 2008

From Diana, another designer in my program:

“Check out this print. It is reminiscent of you.”

Funny! I kind of agree.

I was not familiar with the artist, London-based Swedish illustrator and designer Petra Borner, but I really enjoy her work, especially the beautiful book jackets on the site. Just the right balance of rough and polished. Beautiful.

Eye candy: spiky sculpture

30 September 2008

Jennifer Maestre‘s fantastic spiky sculpures make me wonder what the drawings made by all those worn-down pencils look like.