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animo kids chair

1/18/10: Animo kids' chair exhibited at imm Cologne
The Animo kids' chair was exhibited at the imm Cologne furniture fair this January, as part of a joint show called "Take a Seat" showcasing work from Pratt and Folkwang University. See more of the pieces exhibited here.

word of mouth piece

7/14/09: NHPR's Virginia Prescott interviews me about "Joywashing" on Word of Mouth
Check out this interview I did live on the New Hampshire Public Radio show Word of Mouth. The show explores new trends in culture, and I did a short segment with them on the topic of joywashing, my term for the wave of upbeat advertising we're seeing in response to the recession. As you probably know, if you've checked out my blog, I love talking about joy and joywashing, for all its serious overtones, is a really fun topic.

The segment is about 8 minutes long, and you can listen to it here. To see the ads mentioned in the interview and read more about joywashing, check out this post.

giant kaleidoscope

5/22/09: Aesthetics of Joy has its own site
When I started exploring the world of joy five months ago, I wasn't sure exactly where it would lead. But in the past few months I've discovered there's so much to be said about joy that I've decided to turn my research into a book. The new site,, will feature examples of joy in its many different forms, interview excerpts, and some of the theories that make up the book. I hope it's a place that makes you smile, and also makes you think. Please check it out, and if you have any examples of joy, I hope you'll send them my way.

amend patterning session

5/22/09: New work on the site
Two new projects on the site today...

...You can't take it with you, a conceptual lighting piece that explores ideas of impermanence and sustainability through materials and processes that cause the shades to dissolve over time.

...Salvage stool, a piece made from recycled shipping pallets inlaid with flecks of gold leaf. This piece explores notions of waste and relative value.

Let me know what you think!

amend patterning session

5/1/09: Third place award in the Joovy Stroller Design Competition
Last week I found out a design of mine won third place in a competition for innovative stroller designs held by child products manufacturer Joovy. The details are still confidential, but I'll post them as soon as they're released.

amend patterning session

4//5/09: Amend bookbag prototypes in testing
I am dying to post the adorable photos of the Amend prototype bags being tested by kids in Ghana, but I can't just yet. The bags look fantastic and we're doing another round of refinements in May. Still on target for production in July. Stay tuned!

amend patterning session

3/18/09: Amend bookbag first-run prototypes off to the factory in Ghana
The Amend team has been working SO hard for the past few weeks on getting patterns and samples made for our first test-run of prototypes from the factory in Ghana. We'll have full working prototypes of three different styles next week, and a few bags of each style will stay in Accra to be field-tested. Very exciting to see the tangible results of our efforts!


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