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My work explores the emotional relationships between people and things, particularly the basic objects we interact with every day. Many of these interactions are unthinking—the way we sink into a chair or grasp a cup—and my goal is simply to expose the emotionality inherent in the material action. On a deeper level, I’m interested in the dialogue between objects and our long-term emotional well-being. Much has been said about the unhealthy culture of consumption in modern life, and I believe part of the solution lies in designing products that are emotionally satisfying in a more durable way. The designs on this site are physical explorations of questions related to this premise — questions about empathy + emotion, movement + materials, social issues + sustainability.

My current focus is Aesthetics of Joy, a blog and book-in-progress that draws on insights from neuroscience and psychology to suggest ways that design can enhance our emotional health and well-being. The project looks at the unconscious effects of architecture, products, fashion, and art on our psyche, and suggests ways that better design might lead the way to happier, healthier, more sustainable lives.

I try to bring this optimistic, holistic lens to my work at IDEO, as a Human Factors Specialist in the New York office. In addition to maintaining the Aesthetics of Joy blog, I also write another blog called Design and the Mind for the Psychology Today website, and I'm an occasional contributor to Virginia Postrel's Deep Glamour blog. In the past, I've worked as a brand + innovation strategist and market researcher with Redscout, Landor, and PSB. Educationally, I'm something of a creative mutt, with an MID (masters in Industrial Design) from Pratt Institute, and an AB in English + Creative Writing from Princeton.

Thanks for visiting + please get in touch if you'd like to connect or collaborate. You can find me on twitter, or send me an email here.


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